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Elf Bar Mate 500 VS Elf Bar Elfa

Elf Bar Elfa Vs Elf Bar Mate 500 Comparison Review

It’s not always easy to find the right vape starter kit to suit your lifestyle, but a pod vape kit from Elf Bar vape could be a great place to start. This legendary brand made their debut with their globally popular disposables, but they’ve now decided to broaden their horizons by dipping their toes into the realm of pod kits, bringing us the Elf Bar Mate 500 and the Elf Bar Elfa.

Rechargeable and reusable, pod kits are a great alternative to disposables for those wanting a long-lasting device that can be used again and again, producing less waste in the process. With no e-liquid refills or coil changes to worry about, these Elf Bar kits use prefilled pods that snap securely in place on the device, allowing you to skip the fuss and get straight to vaping. So, which Elf Bar pod kit is the best? Well, we’re here to find out.

Elf Bar Elfa Vs Elf Bar Mate 500
Features Comparison

When it comes down to the basics, both the Elf Bar Mate 500 and the Elf Bar Elfa share the same key features that we’d expect to see in a premium pod vape kit. Unlike their flagship disposables, these Elf Bar devices are designed to last, allowing you to use the pod kit again and again rather than throwing it away as soon as it runs out of juice. Instead, users simply slide in a fresh prefilled pod and they’re good to go.

One key difference to note here is that these pod systems are designed to be used with different pods. The Elf Bar Mate is fully compatible with the brand’s range of P1 pods, whereas the Elfa is supposed to be paired exclusively with their Elfa pods. Despite this, both pod types hold the same amount of e-liquid, arriving pre-filled with 2ml of vape juice to provide up to 600 puffs of potent vaping pleasure.

But the similarities don’t end there. In addition to the pod capacity, both the Elf Bar Mate and the Elfa are powered by a 500mAh internal battery, which is the same battery size that can be found in their disposable vapes. But unlike their disposables, these pod kits are fully rechargeable, making them a much better option for vape fans who are in it for the long haul. Both the Elf Bar Mate and the Elfa feature USB-C compatibility, swiftly reaching full battery life again in as little as 30 minutes.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a closer look at how these devices compare in terms of design.

Elf Bar Elfa Pod kit

  • USB-C charging
  • 2ml pod capacity
  • 500mAh battery
  • Magnetic connection
  • Compatible with Elfa pods

Elf Bar MATE 500 Pod kit

  • USB-C charging
  • 2ml pod capacity
  • 500mAh battery
  • Magnetic connection
  • Compatible with P1 Pods

Elf Bar Elfa Vs Elf Bar Mate 500
Design Comparison

Sat side by side, it’s clear to see that these two pod kits differ greatly when it comes down to ergonomics and design. At first glance, the Elf Bar Elfa looks almost identical to the Elf Bar disposables we’re all familiar with, sporting the same cylindrical pen-style shape that vape fans know and love. On the other hand, the Elf Bar Mate 500 adopts a slightly flatter and more narrow shape, allowing it to slide seamlessly into your pocket for discreet on-the-go vaping.

Another key difference to note here is the overall finish of these pod kits. The exterior of the Elf Bar Mate is pretty unique to say the least, adopting a sleek and shiny military-grade aluminium body that’s sure to turn heads. Meanwhile, the exterior of the Elfa is identical to that of Elf Bar disposables, boasting a smooth matte textured finish that feels comfortable in your hand, soft to the touch and promotes grip.

As these kits use different pods, the mouthpieces are not identical. While the Elf Bar Mate features a slightly tapered mouthpiece, the drip tip found on the Elfa is the same duckbill-style mouthpiece that we see on Elf Bar disposables. Both devices are available in a variety of different colour gradients to suit everyone’s taste, but the Elfa offers one extra colour option.

Moving on from the exterior, it’s time to take a look at what flavours are on offer.

Elf Bar Elfa Vs Elf Bar Mate 500
Flavour Comparison

Elf Bar are well-versed when it comes to creating iconic flavour profiles that vape fans just can’t get enough of, and they’re known for their unique fruit, sweet, and soft drink inspired blends. Both the Elf Bar Mate and Elfa pod kit cover a huge range of popular Elf Bar flavours, and certain flavour profiles are available in both devices. For example, you can find delicious soft drink inspired flavours such as Cola, Pink Lemonade, and Energy Drink in P1 pods as well as Elfa pods, so your favourite bubbly beverage is only a puff away regardless of which device you choose.

Although there’s some overlap, each Elf Bar pod kit offers a few unique flavours that the other does not. The Elf Bar Mate 500 undoubtedly takes the crown when it comes to variety, offering up 16 different blends that cater to everyone’s tastes, including traditional flavour profiles such as Cream Tobacco and Spearmint which the Elfa lacks.

The Elfa is fairly new to the market, so there are currently only 11 Elfa pod flavours on offer. Nevertheless, there are a handful of new flavours we’ve never seen before, including Blueberry Cotton Candy, that’s sure to stir some excitement among Elf Bar enthusiasts. As the Elfa pod kit has only recently hit the shelves, we can expect to see some new Elfa pod flavours in the near future.

Elf Bar Elfa Vs Elf Bar Mate 500
Price Comparison

We all recognize that vaping is a far more cost-effective alternative to smoking cigarettes that will benefit both your health and your budget. But even when it comes down to choosing the right vape starter kit, it's important that all customers can find an affordable e-cigarette to help them quit smoking.

Both the Elf Bar Mate and Elf Bar Elfa are some of the most affordable pod kit options on the market today, perfect for anyone looking for a budget-friendly starter kit. Although both devices are very cheap when compared to traditional vape kits, the Elf Bar ELFA  is the cheaper option, albeit only by a hair, coming in at £4.99 for the device. Whereas if you opt for the Mate500, you can expect to pay £9.99 for the pod system.

When it comes down to the pods, the Elf Bar Mate is same price as Elfa pods . A twin-pack of Elf Bar P1 pods will set you back £4.99, the twin pack of Elfa pods will cost you £4.99.

With that in mind, it’s now time to move on to our verdict!

Elf Bar Elfa VS Elf Bar Mate 500 Verdict

If you’re on the hunt for a budget-friendly and portable pod vape kit, these two options from Elf Bar are a great place to start. Both the Elf Bar Mate and the Elfa keep things straightforward enough for beginners to get to grips with, while still providing the potent flavour and satisfying throat hits that vape fans crave.

Both kits are ideal for those on the hunt for a long-lasting alternative to disposable cigarettes, as they can be recharged again and again to reduce waste and save money in the long run. With an ample 500mAh battery and 2ml pod capacity, the Elf Bar Mate and Elfa share many of the key features you’d want to find in a high quality pod vape kit.

Despite their similarities, there are some major differences that set these devices apart from one another. If you want a pod vape that looks and feels just like Elf Bar disposables, then look no further than the Elfa. The cylindrical shape, matte textured finish and duckbill mouthpiece is almost identical to the Elf Bar 600, but it’s fully rechargeable and reusable.

The Elf Bar Mate 500 is slightly smaller and more lightweight, making it the more portable option, perfect for slipping into your pocket while out and about. It also sports a trendy exterior, great for those wanting a unique and eye-catching vape. The Elf Bar P1 pods made for this device come in a wide range of flavours, including sweet as well as classic blends, whereas the Elfa pod selection isn’t as varied and focuses primarily on fruit and sweet flavours.

With only a slight difference in cost, it’s unlikely that the price tag is going to sway you in either direction. Both devices come in at an exceptionally low price, but the Elf Bar Mate 500 and their compatible P1 pods are the slightly cheaper option.

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