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Pod Kits

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Pod Vape Kits

Eliquid Base’s pod vape kit collection provides yet more great options for those who might not possess much vaping knowledge but are looking to give up their traditional tobacco habit. A pod kit is a lightweight, portable device which uses pre-filled or refillable pods in place of a standard vape tank. Pre-filled pods generally contain a high-nicotine or nicotine salt e-liquid, making them a great choice for anyone looking to quit smoking. Some pod vape kits feature refillable pods which can be filled with your e-liquid of choice and generally perform best with a High PG, 50:50 or Nicotine Salt e-liquid, whilst others used pre-filled pods in a choice of flavour options. 

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What Are Pod Kits?

Pod kits can vary in dimensions from a device the size of a cigarette lighter to beefy sub-ohm kits that have the capacity for replaceable batteries. The ‘Pod’ replaces the tank or clearomiser found on other vape devices and attaches to the mod, or battery compartment, via clips or magnets rather than a 510-screw connection.

Pods come in two varieties: Closed Pods and Refillable Pods.

Closed Pods: Closed Pods, or replaceable pods, are the most convenient kind of pod kits. Closed pods come with a fixed coil and are pre-filled with eliquid. When the pod is empty you simply replace it with another that is compatible with your device. With closed pods you may be limited to the flavours offered by the brand, making them a little less versatile than refillable pods.

Refillable Pods: Also called open-system pods, refillable pods allow you to fill your pod with any suitable eliquid you choose, so you can always have your favourite flavour ready to go. Most open-system pods are disposable, so that when the coil wears out you simply replace it with another.

Some advanced pod kits have interchangeable coils so that you can tailor your device to your preferred style of vaping.

What E-Liquids should you use Pod Kits with?

Both styles of pods generally employ plus-ohm coils that have a higher resistance and require less power. Because eliquids that contain a higher concentration of PG (propylene glycol) to VG (vegetable glycerin) vape best at lower power outputs, those eliquids -often called ‘classic’ or ‘high-PG’ eliquids- are ideal for use in pod devices. 50/50 eliquids that contain a balanced ratio of PG to VG also work well in pod kits.

Nicotine Salts are another popular eliquid that are great to use with pod kits. Nic Salts contain more nicotine than regular freebase nicotine eliquids, from 10mg to 20mg, but their low-PH formulation provides a much smoother throat hit than similar concentrations of freebase eliquids and a faster absorption of nicotine. This makes them ideal for newer vapers who might need a similar dose of nicotine as they’re used to from traditional tobacco.

Advanced Pod Kits that can utilise sub-ohm coils can comfortably handle thicker-high VG eliquids as such kits can fire at the higher power levels high-VG eliquids require to produce great clouds of rich vapour.

Why should use Pod Kits?

Simple, closed-pod kits are the ultimate, fuss-free vape as you simply dispose of the old pod and replace with a new one, no refilling involved. Users might only need to carry a spare pod with them for all-day use, and as both the devices and pods are often tiny and incredibly lightweight, their low-profile provides a more discreet vape. 

More advanced pod kits, including refillable and variable wattage devices, offer unparalleled versatility. The ability to swap out flavours suits vapers who love to experiment with tastes, and the choice of different coils help you adapt your device to perfectly align with your preferred style of vaping, be it MTL (mouth-to-lung) or DL (direct-to-lung) vaping. Such devices include the bestselling Smok Nord 2, Uwell Caliburn and Voopoo Vinci Air.  

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