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Enjoy Vaping With The Flavour Of Your Choice

Enjoy Vaping With The Flavour Of Your Choice

One of the most amazing perks of vaping is that there is so much choice in flavour and customization options. Vape liquids 100ml allow you to add your quantity of nicotine for just the right strength. If you prefer, you can leave the liquid nicotine out and enjoy one of our great range of e-liquid flavours. Knowing what size of e-liquid to buy is not always an easy decision. Typically, a purchaser of 100ml quantity will know the vape juice they are ordering, having tried it before. 100ml is at the larger end of the short fill e-liquid sizes, and so is a quantity that should last you some time. 

Nicotine products in the UK are limited to being sold in 10ml sizes. So, for larger sizes such as 100ml, they are sold nicotine-free, with an accompanying nicotine shot, which you add yourself. So, when we use the term short fill, we are talking about sizes of above 10ml, sold with a separate trial. 100ml is one of the bestselling sizes of e juice in the short fill range. 

The number of tanks that your vape juice will provide depends hugely on the tank’s size on your e-cig. Most tanks start from a 2ml size and work up from there—some larger ones up to 4ml. But regardless of your tank size, 100ml of vape juice goes a long way!

Why choose a 100 ml vape juice container?

Short fill e-liquids are 0mg e juices supplied in a bottle, which leaves enough space for nicotine to be added using nicotine shots separately. Vape liquids 100ml bottles are a great way to avoid unnecessarily wasting numerous 10ml bottles, mainly if you are a heavier e-liquid user. 

In the UK, the Vape juice demand is rising heavily, resulting in a rise in prices. The bottle of 100 ml goes a long way and saves both time and money. People who try to quit smoking can switch to it and enjoy it equally with a healthier lifestyle. It also helps if someone wants to quit smoking by using pods, then it is sure that they will be waiting for a lot of time. Therefore, buying a 100ml vape juice container is a wise decision. These containers are cheaper than the lower volume bottles and will not go to waste. The users can freely enjoy vaping because vape juice contains a meagre amount of nicotine. 

Choosing flavours in a 100 ml bottle is a unique idea but, one important thing to mention is that while lots of smokers start with a tobacco flavour, data recommends that smokers who start with a non-tobacco taste are more likely to leave smoking successfully. So even if you are a big-time smoker, it’s well worth experimenting with non-tobacco flavours from the off.

Can you use vape juice in a POD?

If you want to use vape juice in a POD, you can use it. Using standard juice works just fine in almost any pod system. These devices can produce an outstanding vapour level, and since the coils are specially designed for regular vape juice, the flavour tastes much better.

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