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Is Nicotine Salt Better Than Regular Nicotine?

Is Nicotine Salt Better Than Regular Nicotine?

The vaping industry has witnessed numerous innovations over a short duration in the last few years. Different types of flavors have come up in the market, where one of the best is the Kingston e-liquid flavor by eliquidbase. But, most people are still confused about the difference between Nic salts and nicotine.

This article is all about making people aware of all these items. Before you begin to start vaping, it is also essential to get details about different vape kits.

The nicotine salts have been in the world of vape e-liquid for a long time now. But, it has recently exploded in popularity because of the high-scale innovating in the vaping world. The best part about nicotine salts is that they do not contain any salt. Thus, it won’t influence your sodium intake.

What is freebase nicotine?

The freebase nicotine got its origin in the 60s when Philips Morris International undertook research that concluded that nicotine could be made pure and enjoyable. Thus the freebase Nic salt juice was started for different vape kits.

The process involved in freebase nicotine formation is that it changes the nicotine from its salt form to its purest base form. Thus, it increases potency and effectiveness. You can choose the strength and quantity as per your own needs. They are available in ultimate 100ml as well as 88vape 50ml formats.

Thus, without increasing the dose, it can help you in getting a cost-effective solution to vapors. But, this does not indicate that it will give the same level of experience to all vapers. Thus, some vapers benefit from using the nicotine salt over the freebase products.

What is the big difference?

Most vapers have the common goal of getting sensations from vaping. Thus, they want to replicate the feeling of smoking a cigarette. Thus, nicotine salt delivery has to be replicated as that of a regular cigarette to give maximum efficiency to the product.

A few years back, most vapers had the single option to have freebase nicotine in their juice. Thus, it was harsh and higher in dose. In this case, the nic salts worked in a better way. The high quality of freebase nicotine also led to severe throat issues. But, the nicotine salt is gentler on the throat.

Thus, both these products are good. But, it depends on the user and the user regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of a product.

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