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Top 5 Flavours of Vapeurs 3500

Vapeurs 3500 disposable device is similar to Elux Legend but with less price and unique flavours. Boasting a chunky, futuristic look and a selection of flavour profiles you won’t find across other brands. There are so many great flavours of this brand and you must be wondering which one I should buy. Fear not, I will guide you about the best flavours for you.

Top 5 Flavours of Vapeurs 3500-

5- Vapeurs Blue Razz Ice Disposable

First up on our list is a flavour profile as unique as its name would suggest, evoking a amazing flavour you can truly believe in. While the fabled Blue razz is a rare thing indeed, hopefully you’ll have no hassle getting your hands on this tasty treat.

The Blue Razz Ice is a popular disposable vape by Vapeurs that combines a sweet blue razz with an icy mint flavoring.

4- Vapeurs Blueberry Raspberry Disposable

Next on the line after Blue Razz Ice is Blueberry raspberry. Rich blueberries paired with ripe raspberries blended with a pinch of ice for the juiciest experience.

3- Vapeurs Red Apple Ice Disposable

If you have tried the above flavours and this one is more special than them. Sweet, ripe red apples with a hint of ice. You will feel something special with this flavour there is taste of sweet red apples with the hint of ice that fulfill your desires of vaping.

2- Vapeurs Blue Sour Raspberry Disposable

Arriving at our silver medal spot, making it the perfect time to cast our glance toward this cooling, contemporary classic. Regal relaxation meets a rippling rush of refreshment in this flavour profile.

A flavour blend of sweet blueberries and tangy raspberries will make you want for more for this flavour as this flavour will purely satisy you.

1- Vapeurs Mr Blue Disposable

Finally, our number one pick for the best Vapeurs disposable vape flavour, get ready for a wild and wonderful wildness, a disposable vape that’s a perfect partner in crime, a pocket-friendly, portable party for whenever you need a pristine pick-me-up.

It features a frozen fruit blend, capturing bold flavours of blackberries and blueberries paired with tart raspberry then fused with ice creating a satisfying and cooling slushy-like vape experience throughout.

These 5 flavours from Vapeurs with or without nicotine are the best to choose from, there are also some amazing flavours for you as well.




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