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A Complete Guide on Vaping Components and Working

A Complete Guide on Vaping Components and Working

Want a healthier substitution to smoking? Consider adopting the habit of Vaping. All types of vapes work on the same principle and are made up of similar components. For newbies who do not know anything about vaping, here is a guide giving you the exact idea about the world of vaping-

First of all, let us study the components of Vape-

TANK- This component holds the e-liquid as well as all the internal parts that help in creating vapour. This tank consists of airflow systems that permit the vapour to travel into your lungs. There are numerous varieties of tanks available in the market ranging from ex-smokers to casual vapour. This is the body of the vape that connects everything.

MOD- There are various colours, sizes, and shapes of mods, but all have similar functions. The mod is a source of power to your vape. Power settings on the vape can be changed easily according to how you want to vape. A little LCD screen on the mod shows different details like resistance battery life and so on. But, if you want to vape without any complexities, try a simpler mod where you just need to press the button, and you are good to go.

COIL- Coil is a piece of wire which is wrapped in the form of a spring. It serves as the heart of your vape. It is surrounded by wick made of organic cotton. Cotton being dense serves as the best material for soaking your e-liquid.

Working of vape

The working is quite simple and convenient. When the fire button is pressed on your mod, it starts heating up the coil.The heat generated will make the e-liquid which is soaked in cotton to start vaporizing. Because of this, the term "vape" is used in this concept. As the air flows through the vape, it tends to go through the passage of coil, in turn delivering your nicotine which is totally flavoursome and healthy to your lungs. Due to no combustion used while producing vapour, it is so much healthier option in comparison to smoking. Vaping process is free from nasty lingering smells and is a better way to get your nicotine fix because of a tremendous amount of flavour it imparts.

Some standard levels of nicotine used in vaping are 0,3,6 and 12 milligrams. These values can also be represented in the form of percentages. If you do not have the knowledge, then you consider starting with lower doses or consult an experienced vaper who has knowledge from where to start. Then you can increase your dosage as per your likings or cravings. You can also buy 200 ml vape juice UK from various shops to try a new thing.

Cigarettes contain 4000 toxins and chemicals which can be very harmful to your health. Whereas, if we compare it with vaping, vape contains simpler compounds and you have all the control over dosage you want to use. So, why think? Go for the better option- Vaping.

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