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Select The Ideal E-Liquid Bottle For Your Vaping Kit

Select The Ideal E-Liquid Bottle For Your Vaping Kit

What are e-liquids?

E-liquids, also known as vape juice, are the liquid placed in the tanks, cartridges, or pods of e-cigarettes and produce vapour. This is the vapour that people inhale and exhale. When the battery of e-cigarettes is turned on, it heats the e-liquid between a preferred range of 90 degrees to 200 degrees, which turns it into vapour. E-liquids consist of nicotine, PG or VG and flavouring.

50 ml e-liquids

The 50 ml short fill e-liquids are the most sold among the other ones. This is because it has a convenient size, which allows the user to add nicotine shots as per requirement. That is why, by now, almost all manufacturers make the 50 ml bottles. These are 60 ml shake bottles with 50 ml of high VG vape juice, thus leaving space to fill with 10 ml of nicotine shot. Nicotine shots need to be bought separately. In case you prefer a higher nicotine level, you need to use a separate mixing bottle and add the desired amount of shots. People avoid getting bigger bottles because it might go waste. Hence, 50 ml of short fills are the ideal choice. These are also budget-friendly and last for weeks. Moreover, you can adjust the nicotine level as per your wish and control your addiction.

The price of these 50 ml short fills ranges from €6.99 to € 14.99 only. 

The flavours of e-liquids can go as far as eighty ranging from beverage, candy, cereal, creamy, dessert, doughnut, sweets to tobacco and many more. 

How to use?

First of all, you need to remove the lid and then the cap. Pour your preferred amount of nicotine or CBD in the bottle. Put the lid back on and mix the solution nicely and gently. Let the bubbles settle for a few minutes and then directly add the solution to the tank or cartridge of your vaping kid. Then you can enjoy vaping freely. However, it is advised to always give it a proper shake before every use to ensure the mixing.

Which Vape Kit is ideal for the 50 ml e-liquids?

The 50 ml e-liquids are high VG and sub-ohm liquids, and they are compatible with a variety of Vape Kits. However, their ideal type is devices with sub-ohm coils; that is, the coils whose resistance are below 1 ohm. Thus, try to look for the specifics while shopping for the perfect Vape Kit, which goes with the 50 ml vape juice. 

Even if you have chosen the best vape kit, the wrong e-liquid will spoil the entire mood. That is why choosing the perfect e-liquid is essential. These short fill e-liquids are best suited for sub-ohm devices. However, you do not need to worry as EliquidBase, the UK, is here to solve all your problems with their amazing range of e-liquid collections from the most trusted brands. Here, the best-selling products include Mixed Berries by Witch Blood E-liquid, Strawberry cheesecake by Witch Blood E-liquid, Red A by Witch Blood liquid and many more. 

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