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All About Vaping Water

All About Vaping Water

You can never run short of flavors and variants of vape juices and e-liquids for your vaping sessions as with each passing day brands pop out with fresh taste tints to boggle your mind. But still, those who are in habit of experimentation tend to try their own liquids, water being the most tried. So, can you really vape water? If yes then how?

Relax! As we are going to answer all your questions regarding vaping water. So, stay tuned to get all your doubts cleared.

Is It Safe?

Talking about water, we can’t claim it unhealthy as it is the subtle need of a living body but about vaping water, it has its own set of confusions. If we go by most elemental chemistry, water forms vapors at a temperature much lower than any vaping device heating temperature. Thus, you have all the chances of burning your mouth with the steams generated while vaping water.

Is It Enjoyable?

It is quite common sense that water vapors are nothing but bland clouds without any taste. Infact, you can’t even call them clouds as with water you cannot expect the thick puff out as it is in vape juices. It is PG and VG that imparts the thickness to the clouds and certainly not water. So, don’t expect the authentic

Even if you add flavors to plain water, you are either not going to experience them or will experience them too bleakly. You will experience the same thing with nicotine, as nicotine, being heavy will seep down the tank and you will experience sometimes no nicotine and sometimes its overdose during vaping. So, you are not going to enjoy vaping water in any way.

No try is a worth

Apart from getting burns and no actual experience, vaping water has many other cons too. Water vapors can damage your vape and can rust your coil. The devices are not made suitable to hold water as the vape juices contain no to a very little amount of water. The water will leak inside the vape damaging the battery and other parts of the pod.

The only reason that you must vape water is if you are really broke to buy an e-liquid and want to vape anyhow. For no worth and potential side effects, vaping water has no reason to try. You are gifted with a huge range of flavors by innumerable companies, so it is worth trying them rather than experimenting mindlessly and uselessly. Brands like Geek Bar, Elux Bar, Elf Bar, Magic Bar Disposable Pods, etc. serve amazing flavors that are sure to get the thought of vaping water out of your plans and give you an authentic vaping experience.

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