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Top 5 Elf Bars Disposables Devices

Best Elf Bar Flavours: Ranked Top 5

A relative newcomer on the scene, Elf Bar have nonetheless taken the disposable vape market by storm. These bright and buoyant bars are pocket-friendly and packed with flavour, which have made them a must-buy for vape fans who appreciate portable power. With a variety of flavours inspired by fruity favourites, soft drinks and sweet treats, it’s no surprise that these eye-catching devices have become a must-have item this summer.

The Elf Bar range is designed to be as convenient and reliable as possible, making mobile vaping approachable to all without skimping on quality. Each disposable vape pen comes ready loaded, already filled and charged —so it’s good to go, from the get go, for wherever you go. They’re draw activated, too, so all you have to do is pick up and puff, and you’re sorted. Backed up by a 550mAh internal battery, and filled with 2ml of nic salts at a strength of 20mg, you’ll get approximately 600 puffs per device, making it an ideal travel partner for commutes, nights out, or weekend getaways.

So without much further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most popular flavours Elf Bar have to offer.

5. Elf Bar Disposable Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

The first entry on our top 5 countdown gives you a good idea of what to expect from this brand. Fresh and fruity, it’s ideal for all-day vaping and gives you an experience that’s easy to pick up but hard to put down.

This Elf Bar features a bright yet gentle profile that makes it perfect as a smooth refresher for any time of day. A primary flavour of soft, zesty kiwi makes a perfect base for swirls of sharp, tangy passion fruit and subtle hits of uniquely refreshing guava. With this fruit fiesta in hand, your tropical island getaway is only ever a puff away. Lean and green, but not at all mean, this perky pen serves up juicy joy all day long.

So luscious and refreshing your spirit will be lifted just by smelling it, Elf Bar is the perfect all-day vape for people who love a sweet, tangy fruit flavour without one bit of sour this ever-present danger. One puff and you’ll find yourself crashing on an island beach in paradise.

There's no need to worry about calories with delightful light and fresh flavours like these — we promise you'll walk away with some extra pep in your step after vaping on this sweet sensation!

4. Elf Bar Disposable Pink Lemonade

The next flavour on our list has become a firm favourite across several brands. Bold, bright and effervescent, it’s no surprise that this has become a go-to over the summer months. Elf Bar Pink Lemonade is refreshment royalty, serving up a one-two punch of fruit fragrance that you’ll want to hit again and again.

Nothing says a hazy, lazy summer afternoon quite like a cool, tall glass of fresh lemonade, beads of condensation dripping down its sides as it tempts you to take an invigorating dip. Deftly balancing the tart, zesty notes of lemon with a sugary finish, your taste buds will be trembling as they prepare for this treat.

To truly liven things up with an extra flourish, Elf Bar Pink Lemonade adds in liberal swirls of a mouthwatering mystery blend of ripe red berries, leaving you tickled pink as you exhale clouds of concentrated sunshine.

Receive a refreshing hit of bright, bold and tart lemonade with Elf Bar Disposable Pink Lemonade. Take a break from the midday sun with this cool iced drink that will cleanse your palate and prepare you for the evening ahead. The perfect  for those who enjoy iced fruit drinks.

3. Elf Bar Disposable Blue Razz Lemonade

Continuing the theme of summertime soft drink classics, our bronze winner is an electrifying entry sure to excite the sweet-toothed among us. If you’re in the market for nostalgia, then look no further.

Surely everyone can remember the childhood thrill of a giant cup of blue slushee, the bob and weave of inhaling its cooling flavour whilst dodging the dreaded brain freeze, waving your stained tongue aloft like a victory banner.
Well, what if we told you that this nostalgia is ripe for the taking, time and time again, but without the brain freeze? Elf Bar Blue Razz Lemonade carefully captures that majestic, mysterious flavour of “blue raspberry” and adds a soothing counterbalance in the form of zesty lemonade.

Sweet, sour, fizzy and cooling, there isn’t a welcome sensation this vape pen doesn’t encapsulate. Blue Razz Lemonade may be blue in name, but we swear it will leave you feeling anything but. Take the childhood thrill of a giant cup of blue slushie, but without the need for brain freeze.

Elf Bar Blue Razz Lemonade is the perfect way to prepare yourself for hot summer days with that distinct citrus flavour your palate misses in summertime soft drinks.

2. Elf Bar Disposable Cola

Does it get more classic than this? Arguably the world’s most iconic soft drink, it’s fair to say that any vape range would be remiss not to include it. So ubiquitous as to almost elude description, Cola is always a safe best for smooth, sweet, satisfying refreshment.

Now it’s easier than ever to enjoy that unmistakable flavour alongside a soothing nicotine kick, and without the extra calories. Whether you’ve a hankering for a sweet treat or a nicotine fix, this vape pen will curb your cravings in one fell swoop. This dark delight, with its caramelised sweetness and unique hint of caffeine aroma makes for an iconically invigorating pick-me-up whenever you need it.

Moments of reflection are precisely when this nostalgic drink will remind you of simpler times, where all that mattered was your next sip from a classic soft drink. Void of traditional calories and boasting a full flavour profile, Elf Bar Disposable Cola is perfect for picnics in the park or enjoying your favourite film, without having to worry about sugar highs or crashes afterwards!

We could go on trying to describe it, but you’ll know when you taste it. Fizzy, fiery and full of finely-tuned frosty sweetness, this disposable vape is equal parts full-bodied and refreshing. Elf Bar Cola is the real deal, a true blue, and well-deserving of it’s silver medal place on the podium.

1. Elf Bar Disposable Cotton Candy Ice

We think it’s fair to say that everyone deserves a little fun every now and again. So what better way to round off our top five list than with this vape pen that captures all the giddy joy of a funfair classic, and serves it up with a cooling kick.

It may seem a surprising pick for the top spot, but we reckon that a touch of shock and surprise are welcome facets of fun, and only add extra elation to this merry-go-round of moreish flavour. Elf Bar Cotton Candy Ice gives you all the sticky, gooey, exhilarating sweetness of cotton candy in a pocket-friendly packet that’s totally mess-free.

In short, you get all of that exuberant flavour, but without the sticky fingers. To ramp things up a bit, Elf Bar add a welcome twist in the form of cooling menthol hits that are sure to see you soothed and satisfied with every draw.

Creamy, dreamy and full-bodied, yet still fresh enough to be enjoyed all day, Elf Bar Cotton Candy Ice is a worthy winner, succinctly showcasing the bright, light, and overall joyous æsthetic of the Elf Bar brand.

Packing all the flavours of fluffy, sugary cotton candy into one easy-to-carry package. With natural cooling agents to soothe throat burn, Elf spares no detail when it comes to crafting their stellar swag.

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These are our top 5 Elf Bar disposable vapes, the other memorable and hot selling mentions are Watermelon, Blueberry Sour Raspberry, Apple Peach, Strawberry Ice and Red Bull Ice. These are also some the best from Elf Bars 600.

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