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Top 5 GeekBar Disposable Vapes | Eliquid Base

Ranking of Top Geek Bar flavours

They may be a recent arrival on the market, but Geek Bar disposable vape pens have already taken the UK by storm. Of course, when you look at who’s behind them, that’s no great surprise. Geek Bar comes to you from the fine minds at Geekvape, a brand who have consistently been innovating and honing their craft in the field of high-end, high-tech vape kits.

Each disposable vape in the Geek Bar range gives you a full-bore vaping experience in a pocket-friendly pen. Backed up by quality Geekvape engineering, each device lets you enjoy up to 575 puffs of quality 20mg nic salts in a variety of fresh flavours. An ergonomic mouthpiece is designed specifically to maximise flavour and vapour levels whilst ensuring that not a single drop of e liquid goes to waste. With no filling or charging required, Geek Bar pens are ready to go straight out the box.

Geek Bar has arrived at the perfect time for us all to enjoy the best that summer has to offer. Offering a premium vape experience in a portable, practical package, these no-fuss little numbers make the ideal travel partner for wherever the sunny season takes you. With a range of colours and flavours to choose from — bound to catch your eye and tempt your tastebuds — let’s look at some of our Geek Bar favourites that are sure to see you through the summer.

5. Geek Bar Disposable Sweet Strawberry

The first entry on our top five countdown is a surefire summertime soother, bursting with a flavour that vape fans simply can’t get enough of.

The luscious liquid inside teems with tempting tones, that natural, gentle sun-kissed sweetness that simply screams summer: strawberry.

By turns refreshing, satisfying and invigorating, Geek Bar Sweet Strawberry is an ideal all-day vape flavour, matched perfectly to the all-day, on-the-go portability of this disposable vape pen.

Nothing says summer like kicking back and relaxing, which is precisely what Geek Bar allows you to do. Ready to go right off the bat, this vape is all flavour, no fuss.

With no charging or filling required, and backed up by a solid 500mAh battery, convenience is king when it comes to this vape pen.

As soothing as a ruby-red sunset, serenely seeping into your soul, Geek Bar Sweet Strawberry is the perfect way to kickstart a summer of vape satisfaction.

4. Geek Bar Disposable Blueberry Ice

Beat the heat and take a refreshing dip into the cool blue waters of this vape as they roll and ripple gently, glistening temptingly.

This GeekBar combines the smooth and subtle tones of ripe, juicy blueberries with an invigorating menthol kick.

Packing 500 puffs of pure nic salt pleasure into every bar, this Geek Bar makes a breeze of on-the-go vaping. Inhale, and ride out on waves of natural fruity sweetness, gentle and mild.

Exhale, and surf back into shore on a rising crest of soothing menthol, sure to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. A blast of berries and a fine mist of menthol combine to invoke the soft spray of the seas, sure to soothe and satisfy your senses.

If you’re feeling the heat this summer, Geek Bar Blueberry Ice is the perfect antidote. Its cool blue hues provide a sense of refreshment as you let lapping blue waters wash away your woes.

3. Geek Bar Disposable Blueberry Sour Raspberry

Our bronze winner provides an electrifying kick that’s sure to spark excitement amongst acolytes of fruit-flavoured vapes.

A deft counterbalance of two soft, natural tones with a wicked twist running throughout. Inhale and feel gentle, juicy sweetness play on your tongue, setting the scene for a pleasantly invigorating surprise.

A mellow base flavour of blueberry gently primes your tastebuds for a welcome shock, as the bright, zesty tones of sour raspberry seep in to awaken your spirits and rouse them from their winter slumber.

Like a bright burst of sun across a deep azure sky, this flavour puts you in a simultaneous state of the deepest ease and the most heightened sense of feeling alive.

Geek Bar Blueberry Sour Raspberry, with its twin poles of serenity and sensory elevation, makes for a perfect summertime vape.

Alternatingly gentle and invigorating, this disposable vape pen is sure to satisfy and set your spirit soaring.

2. Geek Bar Disposable Sour Apple

We all hope that summer will be a season packed with light-hearted fun, as we blow the cobwebs from our minds and step outside to let the sun’s rays enliven us. and nothing says fun like this bright and bold beauty of a vape.

As the natural greenery of the world comes alive in these sun-soaked months, allow yourself a moment to enjoy this green-hued Geek Bar. Crisp and crunchy green apple is playfully tempered with zesty sour notes that are sure to spark the senses and soothe your spirits. Backed up by quality Geekvape hardware, this disposable delivers pure vape pleasure from the first draw to the last.

No setup required, just grab it and go, and effortlessly enjoy every drop of bold nic salt flavour — whenever, and wherever, you like. Geek Bar Sour Apple is the perfect medicine for any winter-weary souls.

Crisp and clear, bright and bold, its fresh invigorating flavour make it an ideal partner for wherever your summer takes you.

1. Geek Bar Disposable Watermelon Ice

It’s facing some stiff competition, but we truly believe that watermelon is the ultimate taste of summer.

It seems our customers would agree, as this is one flavour vape fans just can’t get enough of. 500 hits of 20mg nic salt allow you to savour this fan-favourite from the first drop to the last, in a vape pen that’s all fun, no fuss. Here, the uniquely hydrating, gentle, mellow flavour of watermelon gets an added boost from a soothing menthol kick. Ruby-red ripe refreshment meets waves of minty coolness for a sure-fire summertime splash.

This two-pronged approach serves to curb your cravings, tantalise your tastebuds and soothe your spirit in one fell swoop. From the park to poolside, from the beach to the bar, wherever you are this summer, this Geek Bar ensures that smooth nicotine satisfaction is only ever a puff away. Geek Bar Watermelon Ice is truly a winning flavour from a winning brand.

Mellow yet majestic, easy-going yet enlivening, this gentle giant is bound to beat the heat and give you smooth, summertime satisfaction with every draw.

Geek Bar Disposable Vapes at Eliquid Base

At Eliquid Base, we exist to make the UK smok-free. That’s why we stock a full range of brands like Geek Bar, in order to help you make smoking a thing of the past. Summer is finally here, and we all deserve a bit of a treat — so why not treat your health and wallet to a cheaper, safer alternative to smoking with a Geek Bar disposable vape?

Disposable vape pens from Geek Bar are a highly convenient and affordable option for vape fans of all levels. Their portability and long-lasting battery make them a great choice for advanced users looking for a handy backup device, and their simplicity and ready-to-use design also mean they’re perfect for new users who are looking to transition from smoking.

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