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Why Buy Disposable Vape Pod Devices from Eliquid Base?

Why Buy Disposable Vape Pod Devices from Eliquid Base?

Introduction of Disposables:

Disposable Pods are a single use e-cigarette that is pre-filled with e-liquids. Disposable pods typically come with an internal battery and a set limitation to puffs, most disposables offer over 300 puffs or more. Disposable pods are a convenient way to vape, perfect for those on the go because they are hassle free and come ready to fire up right out of the package. Disposable Vape Pods are ideal for smokers transitioning from cigarettes, they are also perfect for beginners, coming in a variety of flavors for a vast selection of options. Disposables can be discarded once it runs out of e-liquid. It doesn’t get any simpler. 

Competitive Prices:

The disposables we offer to our customers are at very competitive price and you won't find these disposables at this price range from others. We  provide a large variety of disposables from many known brands to our customers. 

Quality of Disposables:

The vape pens we provide are great in quality and we sell authentic products to our customers. The range in choosing your disposables is immense with so many brands. Eliquid Base doesn't compromise in quality and that's our main mission.

Modern Invention:

As you can see that disposables are going on trend and most our vapours buddies are enjoying vaping, you can use these when you open from package and even you are on the go. It has become very important as compared to other vape products. So many brands offering many quality disposables to vapours. Eliquid Base also give you Flow Bar and Vapeurs disposable with nicotine and without nicotine.

Why Buy from Eliquid Base?

We stock a lot of disposables from many barnds and with very low prices. We have so many disposables with or without nicotine for our vapours. We don't compromise on quality and provide best of the best vapes to our customers.

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