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500ml Juice at An Unbeatable Price

500ml Juice at An Unbeatable Price

Vape juice is the liquid solution placed in the tanks of a pod. The fluid in e-cigarettes (pods) produces vapour enjoyed by the user. The battery of pods heats the liquid to a temperature above 100 degrees, which turns the vape juice into vapour. The nicotine in juice is added by the person using it, depending upon the strength of the vape. The juice is available in various pre-added flavours.

Vape juice consists of vegetable glycine, propylene glycol, living content, and nicotine. The container size of pods and mods varies with devices, and a regular consumer needs to refill the tank. Hence, having a large amount of vaping juice is very beneficial. High-quality vape juice has a negligible effect on health, making it a little more expensive than the rest. Any vaping liquid can be used in an e-cigarette regardless of brand. 

Why choose a 500ml vape juice container?

A pod has a capacity of 50ml to 80ml vape juice. This means it has to be refilled every time the tank is empty. Multiple bottles of small amounts of liquid are far more costly than a single container of 500 ml vape juice. An e-cigarette works for around one week, so by purchasing a larger bottle of 500 ml, the user is free for a few months.

If someone is trying to quit smoking by using pods, then it's inevitable that he will be waiting for a few years. Thus, purchasing a 500ml vape juice container is a sensible decision. It is cheap and will not go to waste. Afterward, the user can still enjoy vaping because vape juice does typically not contain nicotine. In the UK, more and more people are switching to vaping, resulting in a rise in product pricing. A 500 ml container is available only with a wholesaler, and there are a select few in Britain. A 500 ml container gives you the luxury of making your own mixtures with your desired amount of nicotine.

How to use it in a pod?

A 500ml bottle comes with a drip shaved mouth. You have to push down and rotate the bottle cap to open it. Unscrew the bottom of the pod and put a few drops of baking juice on the coil to prepare it. Now, unscrew either the top or bottom part depending upon the e-cigarette and the tank will be exposed. Put the mouth of the bottle in the tank and press it gently to fill the tank. Fill the tank to your desired level, add nicotine if you want. Screw back the pod or e-cigarette, and let it rest for a few minutes to settle the liquid. Cap the 500ml vape juice bottle. The pod is now ready for vaping.

To help you in selecting the best quality of vape juice in the UK, explore E-liquid Base. We have the widest range of vape juice at affordable prices. The liquid has a long shelf life and will be perfect for your home vaping kit.

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