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Digital Smoke is the Talk of the Town

Digital Smoke is the Talk of the Town

Smoking has reached a new peak with the advent of e-cigarette. Often called vaping, e-cigarettes enhance senses by stimulating the formation of vapours.The e-cigarettes are used to enhance the feeling. It stimulates the nerves that give pleasure while smoking. It gives a long-lasting effect than the usual one and is operated by battery making its use hassle-free and re-usable.

What is an e-liquid?

The concept of an e-liquid is brand new in the market. Most people do not have proper information about its components. It is comparatively safer than the usual cigarette. A normal cigarette releases more than 1000 types of noxious chemicals. However, 100 ml bottles of vape liquid typically contain substances that the usual cigarette does not have.

Components of Vape Liquid:

  • Glycerin derived from Vegetable Oils- The vegetable oil-based glycerin is the component that gives vape liquid a thickness and a unique sweetness. 
  • Propylene glycol- It is a type of alcohol that gives an unconventional essence in the throat once the person smokes the vaporized vape liquid in aerosol form. It also enhances a specific taste to the vape liquid. 
  • Nicotine- It is a plant-based chemical that stimulates the blockage of specific nerves of the Central Nervous System and gives a pleasant feeling to the smoker. It is one of the chief components of the vape liquid. 
  • Flavours- Certain food-grade flavouring agents are being used to give a wide range of flavours to the vape liquid to make each type of liquid a unique one.

Modifications of Vape Liquid:

Certain modifications are being made to make the experience of e-cigarettes better. Nowadays, modified versions of vape liquid called Nic Shots. These are the nicotine-free e-liquids that are used to make smoking less harmful one. They are comprised of varying flavours that give a pleasant feeling. Moreover, these Nic-shots are made, keeping in mind the rules and regulations of the Tobacco Products Derivative (TPD).

How are vape liquids different from conventional cigarettes:

  • No Tar and CO- E-cigarettes that work with vape liquid do not produce tar and carbonmonoxidethat are otherwise produced by conventional cigarettes. 
  • Less Toxic- Conventional cigarettes produce much more noxious gases as compared to e-cigarettes. These gases are often carcinogenic and are responsible for causing cancer. 
  • Less Nicotine Absorption- Research shows the absorption of nicotine in blood is much less as compared to the people who smoke the usual cigarettes.

There are strict rules and regulations related to smoking. Smoking causes many health issues like cancer. However, agreeing with the rules and regulations laid by the government, e-cigarettes with the use of nicotine-free vape liquid have become quite popular among the new generation of youths. Studies show the impact of vape liquids to be less than conventional cigarettes. Care should be taken during the use of e-cigarettes because although they are less harmful but not completely. They have certain complications associated with it as the person inhaling vape liquid has aerosol vapours moving directly to the lung tissues causing damage.

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