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Smoking Vs Vaping: A Cost Breakdown Analysis

Smoking Vs Vaping: A Cost Breakdown Analysis

An increasing number of people are opting to vape instead of smoke, and vaping is a popular and effective smoking cessation tool. That is not to say that vaping is not a popular hobby in its own right. And while there is little doubt that vapes have less harmful chemicals in them than cigarettes, there are naysayers that believe that vaping is no more cost-effective than vaping. So if you are thinking about making the change from smoking to vaping or if you are wondering whether you can afford this hobby, then read on to find out what you could save.

The Cost of Smoking: Financially

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Cigarette prices have been steadily rising in the UK since the 1990s as the tobacco tax increases. Unfortunately, this price is only set to increase further as the government raises the price of cigarettes further and makes other efforts to reduce the number of smokers in the UK. Today an average pack of cigarettes costs around £11.00, which means that those who average one pack a day will be paying out £4015 annually on cigarettes alone. That is a huge expense, and while you might not think you are sending that much, even if you only buy a pack of cigarettes every three days, that is still over £1000 annually.

The Cost of Smoking: Health-Wise

Smoking can have an incredibly detrimental effect on your health; that should not be a surprise to anyone. It can increase your risk of heart disease, respiratory conditions, and strokes. This isn’t to mention the 70 odd chemicals in cigarettes that are known to cause cancer.  In the worst-case scenario, your decision to smoke regularly can kill you. Smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths worldwide; make no mistake. Some would argue that that is a heavy price to pay.

The Cost of Smoking: Second-Hand Smoke

It is not only your health that is affected by your decision to smoke, but it also affects those around you too. Second and third-hand smoke can be just as harmful as firsthand smoke. Think about it; they are still inhaling the same harmful chemicals as you. This is why a ban was placed on smoking within public places. This truth may be hard for some people to live with, knowing that they are potentially condemning their friends and family to the same health risks that they are accepting into their own lives.

The Cost of Smoking: On the NHS

Smoking is incredibly costly to the NHS. In 2015 smoking-related healthcare issues cost the NHS £2.6bn, a figure which has held steady over the years. This figure is broken down into GP and nurse visits, prescriptions, outpatient visits and hospital admissions. The strain on the NHS has never been more apparent than in these last couple of years due to the pandemic. It should be obvious then that this money could be better spent than on people who made a rod for their own back in deciding to smoke.

The Cost of Vaping: On Your Bank Balance

For novice vapers, a starter kit can cost anywhere from £10-£25 depending on what make, brand, a type you get. However, once you have purchased the necessary start-up equipment, the ongoing costs are a lot lower. Most of the time, the highest ongoing cost that you have will be the e-liquid and the coils, which will usually cost a maximum of £50 a month or £600 annually, which is a marked reduction from the financial cost of smoking.

The Cost of Vaping: On Your Health

As mentioned above, vaping is widely accepted as being healthier than smoking. In fact, some sources have claimed that it is up to 95% healthier. This is because vape products do not contain nearly as many chemicals as cigarettes do. That being said, vaping has not been around long enough for there to be any in-depth studies into its long-term effects. However, because of their lack of cancer-causing chemicals, it is highly likely that they will remain the case.

Vaping Vs. Smoking: The Breakdown

So now that you are aware of the full cost of vaping vs smoking – on all levels, financial, environmental and medical. It is up to you to make the decision. Although, the fact of the matter is that over time you can save an awful lot of money if you decide to switch to vaping. Depending on your habit, you could be in line to save thousands of pounds a year. That being said, you should not be attracted to cheap deals. You get what you pay for. Even if you splurge on higher quality vaping products, you will still be saving money. Vaping also has significantly lower costs for your health and for the health of other people around you.



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