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Vape Pod - The compact companion

Vape Pod - The compact companion

With the increasing demand of vaping from people who are planning to quit smoking, the vaping community always comes across ground-breaking innovations and creative engineering. Brand new and exciting vaping devices and products are hitting markets every day, and in fact, it's hard to keep up with the vaping trends. The introduction of new concepts is influencing how, where, and when you can vape and in turn providing a quality vaping experience.  

Vape device manufacturers have put significant work into designing the devices that can offer a cigarette-like experience, making it a smooth and enjoyable alternative. 

And one of such revolutionary device trends that took the Vaping world by storm in recent years is Vape Pod.Pod Kits also go by several names such as mini vapes, pod vapes, or pod mod. 

What's in the "Pod"? 

We can refer to vape pod kits as mini vaping devices. They have cartridges that hold the e-liquid which connects to a small battery to power the device. Vape pods are extremely convenient for people who recently quitted or are on their way to quit smoking. The compact design and packed style of vape pods give a cigarette-like feel. Vape pods allow you to experience the most simple and portable way of vaping. 

Pod mods, unlike traditional full-size e-cigarettes, use something called a "pod" instead of a tank or atomizer. However, its functionality is the same as any tank or atomizer. It holds and vaporizes the e-juice, later sends it into your mouth through the mouthpiece. Usually, pods hold about 1 ml to 2ml of e-liquid, but there are other size options available too. They generally include a 300mAh battery capacity and yes there are also other choices to go with.  

So Many Varieties! 

Besides, there are a variety of options to choose from even within vape pods. While some pods come with power buttons, some of them come in automatic, just take a drag and get vaping. There are Refillable pod systems, also called the open systems, which you can fill manually with an e-liquid flavour of your choice. Obviously, the ability to choose any e-liquid you like stands atop as the best feature of open system pods. 

Also, there exist prefilled vape pod kits as well. They are also known as closed systems as they only escort prefilled vape juice from the manufacturer, limiting your options. If you are a newbie, it's better to go with the closed system pods as you don't have to sweat for refilling the cartridges.

Vape Pods in UK

All the aspects such as the compact size, affordable price range and the requirement of less maintenance make vape pod systems user-friendly. But the only drawbacks are their little battery life and inability to produce big clouds. So, if you are a cloud chaser or a long-time vaper, then they are definitely not for you.  

So, whether you're a vaping newbie or a long-time vet who wants to try something new and are seeking a Vape Pod kit, Eliquid Base can help you choose the best one. We offer you the best vape pods UK from brands like Aspire, GeekVape, SMOK, Vaporesso, and Voopoo. You can choose the perfect device that suits your style of vaping, of any size or shape, within the best price range possible. Moreover, we will ship globally in no time! 

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