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Vape Tanks: Picking One from the Many

Vape Tanks: Picking One from the Many

As the deadly COVID-19 has engulfed the world, a renewed fear has entered millions of people surrounding health. While immunity-boosting drugs and ayurvedic herbs have risen in demand, sensitivity around health has permeated addictions too. For instance, smokers are looking for healthier options to enjoy their habit without having to succumb to its ill-effects. E-cigarettes today present a healthier alternative. The difference it promises is in the inhalation, wherein through vaping e-cigarettes, one inhales vapour instead of smoke. A few studies suggest that they are less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Thus, they have grown into a popular choice for many smokers. 

What is an e-cigarette? 

An e-cigarette contains a power source that acts as its battery, a container that holds a liquid, and an atomizer that heats the liquid — thus producing the same high that comes from smoking a cigarette. E-cigarettes come in various forms, designs and sizes, and are usually activated at the push of a button. Most of them are reusable, and this is where the importance of the tank you use for your e-cigarette gains relevance. The vaping tank holds the liquid and a coil that aids the atomizer in heating the liquid, making it an integral part of the experience of smoking. 

Choosing one's vaping tank 

Generally made of glass or pyrex and metals like stainless steel and anodized aluminium, vape tanks provide many customizability options. So, what does one look for while selecting a vaping tank? For starters, the tank's size determines the amount of the liquid it would hold, which would depend on one's usage. 2ml is the most common amount, but some tanks have over 6.5 ml of the juice. The higher the quantity, the larger it would be in appearance. So while deciding, considering one's general usage and desire for compatibility would prove useful. 

A significant aspect is a coil that wicks the liquid and heats it. There's a transparent and straightforward tank that has the coil inside visible. These are generally recommended to beginners. A cartomizer tries to simulate the experience of smoking a cigarette by directly connecting the vaporizer to the battery. Growing more in popularity, these produce the appearance and effect closest to a cigarette. 

Next, we find the sub-ohm tanks, which form the most common variety. These contain atomizers that work on less than one ohm of resistance. The higher the ohms of resistance, the more intense the effect will be. The device will also get so hotter due to the higher electricity charge. They are a favourite due to their ease in use and minimal sacrifices to flavouring and vapour quality while also being a convenient pick. 

A new line of vape tanks UK with mesh coils now produce greater vapour quality than usual. These contain coils embedded with tiny punctured holes, spreading the e-juice around the tank. An immense amount of juice is vaporised, without affecting the heat on the device or flavour intensity. 

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