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What are Shortfills? Why buy 100ml from Eliquid Base?

What are Shortfills? Why buy 100ml from Eliquid Base?

What is ShortFill E Liquid?

Shortfill E liquid is simply a bottle of E Liquid filled 10ml or 20ml short of the bottles total capacity.

The most popular sizes of shortfill Juice are 60ml - Shortfilled to 50ml and 120ml shortfilled to 100ml - Both contain zero nicotine.

If you add 1x 10ml nicotine shot to a 60ml bottle or 2x 10ml nicotine shots to a 120ml bottle, you with make a nicotine containing shortfill of 3mg nicotine.

Why you should buy 100ml shortfills from Eliquid Base?  

Eliquid Base provide you with a lot of option and flavours of your choice of 100ml shortfill e liquid. We stock a large variety of premium shortfills at very low price. 

You will not find these shortfills at greater price than this anywhere in the market. Some of the brands that we stock are famous one and we also produce our very own shortfill which is R3loaded. We have Kingston, Tasty Fruity, Ruthless, Ultimate Juice and many more for you.

Why does Shortfill E Liquid Exist?

Shortfilles e liquids are around for 2 reasons: Regulations and Value for Money

Back in Feburary 2016, the European Union made a law called the Tobacco Products Directive - Or TPD for short. The TPD made it law that the maximum bottle size of E Liquid containing nicotine was 10ml.

This saw the birth of the shortfill, which as it did not contain nicotine, fell outside of the TPD regulations!

This loop-hole allowed vendors and e liquid manufactures to offer a bigger flavour choice and bigger volumes of juice, quicker and cheaper, because they didnt have to adhere to the costly TPD testing and regulations of the TPD.

As an example - A 10ml nicotine containing bottle of e liquid can cost as much as £5, where the equivalent 10ml volume from a shortfill juice can cost as little as 92p per 10ml - Great Value for Money Shortfills


Disadvantages of Shortfill E Liquids

Each time you add nic shots to a shortfill you weaken the flavour by 20%.

This is because the PG/VG nicotine shot mix is flavorless - Nic Shots increase the nicotine content but decrease the flavour, by adding extra flavourless content.

Eliquid Base have great value juices with a minimum of 20% flavouring - which is a high percentage for a value for money shortfill. The higher the flavouring content, the less effect the dilution of adding a nic shot has.

The maximum nicontine content to preserve a good amount of flavour in the juice, after nic shot dilution, is 3mg.

This is a distinct disadvantage for a moderate or heavy ex-smoker, who happen to be using e cigs as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco.

 As an example a 10ml bottle can have as much as 20mg of nicotine - Perfect to satisfy the cravings of a moderate or heavy ex-smoker ex-tobacco - 3mg in a shortfill e liquid just wont cut it for them!

Most tasty shortfill e liquids are a 70% VG (Vegetable Glycerine) and 30% PG (Propylene Glycol) mix.

This means your standard style ecig cant handle the strong VG content like it can with a strong PG content. More powerful ecigs that operate at higher wattages and higher temperatures, eat batteries for breakfast!

As the juice is unregulated, unfortunately so are some of the manufacturers of shortfill e liquids.


Advantages of Shortfill E Liquids

The most obvious advantage of shotfill over a 10ml bottle of e liquid is the cost saving . Shortfill e liquids are way more cheaper per millilitre(ml).

The flavour content coupled to the higher VG content give your tastebuds flavour way in excess of any high PG 10ml nicotine containing liquid.

If you can curb your nicotine craving vaping a 3mg nicotine shortfill, you have almost won the battle aginst nicotine addiction!


Shortfill e juice is here to stay. People have always demanded good value for money which is offered by 60ml or 100ml shortfilled bottles of E Juice.

Make sure you buy your shortfills from reputable sources that give you great flavours containing ingredients sourced and used for their purity.


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