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Why you need to switch to mesh coils?

Why you need to switch to mesh coils?

Vaping coils are the most crucial part of a vape. The choice of a vaping coil can profoundly impact your vaping experience. With the introduction of Mesh coils, manufacturers have swiftly transitioned from using the conventional type of coils to the mesh coils given the numerous advantages of the mesh over traditional coils. If you find yourself stuck between the different types of coils, mesh coil stands out as the best of them all.

Traditional Coils Vs Mesh Coils

Unlike the conventional vaping coils that are basically wires that are wound in a helical shape to resemble something like a spring, a mesh coil is instead a strip of wired metal mesh that is bent in the form of a cylinder. The design of a mesh coil inherently provides more surface area and heating, which directly enhances the performance in the form of denser vape clouds and greater flavour as well as increases the life of the vape.

 Advantages of the Mesh Coil

  • Require lower wattage and lesser Ramp-up time

Wound wire coils require more wattage to produce similar heating effects compared to mesh type coils; they also take up more ramp-up time before producing optimum density vapor. Mesh coils heat up faster and therefore comparatively take lower ramp-up time.


  • Faster Heating and cooling

The most obvious advantage of using a mesh coil is the fact that it heats up and cools down almost instantly.


  • Longer life span

The conventional wired coils that have a spring-like structure start heating up from one end which causes the ends to get extremely hot by the time the middle section is hot enough to produce vapours, this results in quicker wearing out of the coils and thus lower life span.


  • Mesh coils do not pop.

A common problem with conventional coils is that they produce pop sounds when the liquid comes in contact with certain sections of the coils. In mesh coils however, the pop sound is not observed and instead a much gentler whooshing sound is heard which does not disturb the vaping experience.


  • Greater flavor

As mesh coils produced dense vapours for a prolonged period, they give out better flavour when compared to other coils.


Mesh coils are certainly better than most of the alternatives in the market and therefore serve as the most sought-after choice of vape manufacturers and enthusiasts. However, it also has a few drawbacks. 

Mesh coils consume more e-juice (liquid) during vaping thereby adding to the overall cost. They also aren’t the best choice for mouth to lung vaping as they do not give off the feeling of a strong warm draw.


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