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A Complete Guide to Sub-Ohm Coil

A Complete Guide to Sub-Ohm Coil

Blow the clouds, not the smoke - This could be an apt caption for vaping. Yes, you do enjoy vaping as a lot do. But maintaining the vaping machine could help you in a seamless experience. The most important part of a vape kit is the coil. It's responsible for heating up and vaporizing the e-liquid or commonly called vape juice. We can think of it like a heart to the whole machine. So, don't ever try risking your robustness as well as your vaping machine's by choosing shoddy coils.


There is a range of coils to choose from such as starter coil, mesh coil, and sub-ohm coil made from coiled wire of different gauges, piece of mesh or wicking material like cotton. But comprehensively they can be divided into two types, namely Low Resistance and High Resistance coils. And the kind we are about to discuss, sub-ohm coil falls under the Low Resistance category.


Sub-ohm Vaping and coil


The sub-ohm could be the real deal for the vapers out there. It can produce huge and thick clouds so that you can enjoy the real essence of vaping. But all the features that keep the sub-ohm vaping atop any traditional vaping techniques comes at several requirements. The factors that influence the sub-ohm vaping are as follows:


  1. First and the foremost thing is the coil used. The coil resistance is the deciding factor in the vaping experience. As wattage and resistance are inversely proportional, low resistance coils will generate more power. Briefly, lower the resistance, higher will be the power and hence can produce bigger clouds and warmer vapor. Higher the resistance lower will be the power so that we can use it for higher nicotine concentrations.
  2. The second thing is the wattage. As explained above, higher wattage can produce more heat which in turn provides more vapor and flavour.


 And guess what goes best with sub-ohm vaping? Yes! Sub-ohm coil. A sub-ohm coil has a resistance range of 0.8 - 0.15 ohms unlike above-ohm's 1.5 - 3 ohm.


So here are all the advantages of sub-ohm vaping apart from those flauntingly big vapours.


Moderate flavour: Sub-ohm Vaping can produce a lot of vapor at a time, pleasantly satisfying your taste buds.


Stronger hit: More substance will be absorbed by the lungs with each puff (FYI, sub-ohms are commonly used with Direct to Lung (DTL) inhale). This could be the reason why Sub Ohming is recommended only for experienced vapers.


Higher airflow: They also render airflow enough for lung inhalation, therefore, increasing the overall flavour. As a matter of fact, better airflow is necessary for cooling down the higher heat produced by the coils.


But the factors that are positively leveraging sub-ohm vaping are its downside as well, for instance, the wattage. As the sub-Ohming requires a sub-ohm coil that offers little resistance, the coils burn out faster, and they have to be replaced often.


Due to the intense vaporizing, the e-juice has to be refilled again and again. Besides, Vaping at higher wattage means bringing in more batteries to play. Sub Ohming increases strain on the batteries by increasing the amperage your device uses for supplying the current needed. So, either way they aren't cost-effective.

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