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How is vaping a better alternative to smoking?

How is vaping a better alternative to smoking?

Want to know the reasons why vaping is better? Keep on reading.


First, let’s talk about the damage that smoking does to our body so we can compare the two better. First off the most disturbing thing about smoking is the smell in the house, car and the smoker himself then comes the mess created by ashes everywhere. The need to go buy cigarettes and the money that is spent on it every time you buy a new pack, The struggle is real. Apart from this day to day struggle, cigarettes play a significant role in damaging the health of the smoker and as well as people around him. Smoking causes breathlessness, bad cough, headaches/migraines, and increased heart rate, these problems are very common in almost all smokers. Whereas in the worst-case scenario A person faces anxiety, hypertension, cancer, asthma, lung failure, heart diseases, and even Death. This without any doubt is a lot of damage.

Is vaping the same? No! Vaping allows you to have clean surroundings because the smoke that you exhale has no odor but an aroma of the flavors used, which is at times appreciated by people around you but most of the time it is barely noticeable. Can you control your nicotine intake in cigarettes? No. but, Vaping allows you to have full control over the amount of nicotine you take in. if you are on the journey of quitting smoking you can have a high amount of nicotine in your e-juice and then gradually reduce the intake to as less ass 0mg. Vaping also gives you strong control over the density of the smoke you exhale, it can be adjusted according to the situation, meaning less dense or many dense clouds, the choice is yours. Tired of the same taste that smoking cigarettes offer? Vaping gives you many options to choose your desired flavor, the e-juice industry is growing with such a speed that there’s no chance you will ever run out of flavors. Vaping has the device for everyone even if your budget is as less as 9.99 £ and if you want to invest in a heavy-duty device there are many options. Along with vaping being pocket friendly, it also allows you to live a comparatively healthy life like better oral hygiene, skin health, lung capacity, and an improved sense of taste and smell.


This comparison gives us a better understanding of why is vaping a better alternative to smoking.

 Quit smoking and start vaping!

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