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Make the Right Choice in Selecting the Best Vape Batteries

Make the Right Choice in Selecting the Best Vape Batteries

A good battery is an essential part of a vape and is as integral as vape juice and atomizers. The batteries even contribute their role in your vaping experience. Vape batteries will power the coil to heat your e-liquid to turn it into the vapour you're after. Taking proper care of your rechargeable batteries and choosing the appropriate battery chargers adds up to the battery's health and longevity and the complete device as well. But batteries are one of the most overlooked aspects of a vaping mechanism.  

Why are Batteries so important? 

Most vapers have a great passion for variety, and few actually are switching to vaping because of the diverse options offered by it. Different people expect different results from their vaping device. Some would be looking for high power, long-running times, or something in between. So choosing the right battery to suit your device and your style of vaping is the foremost requirement.  

What are all the types available? 

Well, with a range of batteries available today, you can choose between varying sizes, voltage, and wattage to find the most satisfying type for you personally. But only a few are fit to power a vaping device.  

Lithium batteries are measured and rated by voltage, amperage, and storage capacity. Considering three of the factors, our options for vaping devices boil down to ICR, IMR, and Hybrid. In most cases, we use IMR or Hybrid battery until or unless your device is type-specific. 

And coming to the size of the batteries, 18650 batteries are the ones we come across most of the time. 18650s are a bit larger than a standard AA battery and are the most extensively tested, reliable, and popular sized for powering a vape device. 

Automatic and Manual Vape Batteries

There are primarily two types of variants in E-cig batteries to choose from based on the operation, which most casual vapers don't even know.  

Usually, vapers start with the first kind, automatic batteries, because of their easy-to-use nature. They are the most popular kind out there. The main advantage is that using them can give you a regular cigarette-like experience. A sensor detects the rush of air and activates the battery. They require less charging time, but it takes a bit of time for the coil to heat up, and hence we may experience a delay between puffing and inhaling the vapour.  

On the other hand, the second type, Manual batteries, comes up with advantages like a longer life than automatic batteries due to their larger size. They generally tend to have more power, produce more vapour, and a better' throat hit'. However, they aren't suitable for the newbies as they need to be manually clicked to turn or off. This might seem less convenient, but it's something you get used to quickly, and it gives you more control over your draw.


As said, a battery is an important part, and so is choosing the right one. Always try to pick the best batteries for mods, to avoid failures and compromising on performance and replacing often. Eliquid base can help you out with choosing the right batteries for your device. They offer the best vape batteries UK at the best possible price.

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