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Have the best summer vape juice? Explore Top 5 summer vape juices

Have the best summer vape juice? Explore Top 5 summer vape juices

Confused about what flavors are best in summers?

Eliquid base offers a number of flavors you can enjoy during summer for a refreshing yet flavorful vape, a few flavors are discussed down below


Green apple vape juice

Green apples make the best Apple pie, with rich and juicy flavor green apples also provide many health benefits, and just like that Green apple vape juice gives you the perfect blend of sweet and sour notes and a burst of freshness that you need in a hot summer day.


 vape green apple juice

Blackcurrant vape juice

These small purple-black berries have got a lot of good stuff in them like Vitamin C, essential oils, and Antioxidants, all of this goodness packed behind a heavenly taste. Blackcurrant berries are also known for their aroma. With this much perfection, how can be the vape juice any less? Blackcurrant Vape juice gives you the perfect bitter and sweet taste in every puff leaving an unforgettable taste and aroma behind. Blackcurrant vape liquids are often mixed with other fruity flavors and menthol.

Kiwi vape juice

Another name for kiwi is Chinese gooseberry because it is native to China. This juicy flavorful fruit contains vitamins and antioxidants. Another amazing benefit is that it helps with sleep which almost everyone needs in today’s life. All of these benefits combine and form Kiwi vape liquid. Kiwi vape liquid gives a fruity flavor with sweet and sour notes. This vape liquid mixed with other fruity flavors and icy mints gives the best fruity refreshing vape in summer.


Peppermint vape liquid

This aromatic mint is a combination of watermint and spearmint, often used in flavoring different products like food, skincare, and other products. Summers and mints make a good combination without a doubt. Peppermint vape liquid is the perfect bold icy yet sweet flavor you need on a hot summer day.

peppermint vape juice

Watermelon vape liquid 

The right way to get hydrated on a hot summer day. Along with hydration it is also a treasure of antioxidants, minerals and nutrients. Watermelon vape juice is the exact name for a refreshing vape experience with a hit of sweet flavor. Watermelon vape juice can be enjoyed on its own as well as with other fruity flavors and with menthol.

watermelon vape juice


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